Our Projects


A versatile hall pass system designed in conjunction with Carmel High School's Administration. The school felt their previous hall pass method was combersome, inconsistant and inconvenient for students, teachers and administrators. Thus we created a comprehensive, cross-platform solution in order to assist the school.

This project won the Congressional App Challenge for Indiana's 5th District

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Sapphire Volunteer Management

A volunteer management and hour tracking system developed for Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc. This organization expressed that their current paper-and-pencil system for tracking volunteers is very labor intensive, requiring a staff member to pend hours a week crunching the numbers. Our solution not only makes it easier for volunteers to find potentinal opportunities, it also allows organizations to track the hours performed by each volunteer.

This project won the $12,000 Lead2Feed Grand Prize in 2018, $10,000 of which was donated to Exodus.

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HiLite Newspaper App

An iOS and Android application that display stories from the HiLite Newspaper, the official school Newspaper of Carmel High School. The app lets users view stories, search for content and browse the varoius categories of coverage available.

The app will soon be expanded to work for any newspaper using WordPress. Newspapers will be able to register their publication into the app through a simple web interface.


Indiana Civil Rights Commission Complaint Form

An complaint form requrested by the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. The organization stated that their current complaint form was very outdated and thus limited citizens ability to voice their concerns. This new version has a modern look and feel and gives citizens the flexibility to fill it out on their computer or mobile phone.

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Coding Clicker

A quick, fun 'Cookie Clicker' clone made for marketing purposes. Every time a user taps the Code For Change Logo on the website it contributes to the site's click number. We also have the website inform users that they have one a prize which can be redeemed at our club booth. This website has proven to be extreemely successful at club fairs, especially among children.

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